Monday, November 23, 2009

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It's official, Beyond The Trestle has moved.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

What goes around, comes around

The University of Georgia Police have issued a warrant for Gene Milner for charges stemming from the imprisonment and beating of a Clemson student.

If his name sounds familiar, it should.

Milner was involved in the overdose of Lewis Fish a few years back and had been barred from Athens-Clarke County ...

The charges listed in the warrant for Milner's arrest include violations that police discovered during the investigation into Fish's death that occurred before Milner left town, Williamson said. "We took the information to a magistrate judge and the judge felt we had probable cause to proceed," he said.

Milner has a record of misdemeanors that dates back to April 2004.

He was arrested April 15, 2004, on charges of giving false information to police, public drunkenness, underage alcohol possession, possession of fake ID, and again on Sept. 19 of that year on charges of underage alcohol possession and disorderly conduct.

Milner pleaded guilty and was sentenced in January 2005 to 12 months on probation and family counseling. He was ordered to wear a SCRAM, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor - an ankle band that regularly monitors the wearer's blood-alcohol content.

He was cited on Aug. 11 for a noise violation at 555 Riverhill Drive, to which he pleaded guilty on Jan. 4. The conditions of Milner's plea included six months probation, removal of the ankle band and being barred from Athens-Clarke County.

A more respectful call

The Brunswick News calls for Rep. Glenn Richardson to step down.

Arguably, it's a more artful criticism that others we've seen recently, but I'm just not there yet. Richardson needs to get help - and if he opts to step down on his own that's fine - but there's no reason he should sacrifice his position yet.

Couple of things

- Damn good dawg.

- Loyal reader Cathi pens a very solid forum on the need for comprehensive financial literacy in the efforts to address affordable housing.

- Quoting The Washington Times is rather unfortunate, but I've got a suggestion for this ... let's get 500 or so uninsured Americans to read the bill. If Sen. Tom Corburn wants political theater, let's one-up him by getting the folks who will benefit from the bill on the floor reading it.

- This is a shame. I don't know the new owners, but I did know Tommy Wilson Sr. from my sports reporting days, and he was always very kind to me. In fact, the set of golf clubs I own right now were purchased at that very store with his help.

- Dan Lorentz coins a phrase for me, and I like it.

Music for the moment (Jennings edition)

California Via Tennessee by Shooter Jennings
Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Gotten Out Of Hand by Waylon Jennings
Too Dumb For New York City by Waylon Jennings
Some Rowdy Women by Shooter Jennings
I'm A Ramblin' Man by Waylon Jennings

Thursday, November 19, 2009

UGA VII has died

UGA VII has died. Apparently from a lengthy heart-related illness.

That's sudden ... and pretty sad.

ALT video

An awesome video detailing the work the Athens Land Trust is doing. It's almost a mini-documentary, and it's got lots of really cool interviews with folks talking about how effective the organization is in revitalizing neighborhoods and providing affordable housing.